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Below are the visa requirements. Please read carefully before sending us passports as Umrah Visa can be delayed or declined in case of missing anything.

  • We except only electronic read able passports not the manuals ones.
  • Passports must be valid for minimum of six months from the date of travel and must have at least 2-3 spare pages.
  • All EU passports must submit a proof of residence i.e. copy of utility bill or bank statement. (no mobile or phone bills accepted)
  • All foreign passports must submit their original BRP / residence permit card. Without this Umrah Visa can be declined by the embassy.
  • 2 Passport sized photographs, taken in last 6 months, must be attached with the passports. The photographs must be in color and have a white or grey background.
  • A valid meningitis immunization certificate (ACWY, usually valid for 3 years from the date of jab) is required by embassy and has to submitted for visa application. In case of late appointment it can be submitted as a scan file via email before collection / return post of passport from our head office. (applicable for Adults and children over the age of 2 years)
  • In case of different surname, embassy might need to see copy of a Marriage certificate for woman OR a birth certificate for a child as a proof of mehram / parental relation.
  • Confirmed Hotel Vouchers must be provided if booked from somewhere else.
  • Confirmed return airline tickets must be provided if booked from somewhere else.

You should:

  • Provide the required documents 4 weeks before your travel in our office 7 Continents Travel Ltd 10 Tooting High Street, London SW170RG, United Kingdom so we can arrange your Visas on time.
  • Mention name & Mehrum / parental relationship on the back each picture for all woman below 45 of age and child under the age of 16.
  • If sending in post, please send by Special Delivery guaranteed for next day and email us the tracking number too.
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